Manifold Ad Network


Manifold (patent pending) is the definitive advertisement network management system for small businesses. It connects advertisers to brick and mortar foot traffic through the use of digital displays. Manifold provides advertisers with an affordable way to reach a targeted captive audience at physical locations such as coffeeshops, barbershops, and waiting rooms.

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  • Advertise in places like coffeeshops, restaurants and other high traffic areas!
  • Display your ad at one or more physical locations
  • Schedule your campaigns
  • Build awareness for your brand locally
  • Offer exclusive deals to drive traffic to your business

*Impression potential may vary. No warranty or guarantee on impressions or conversion rates. Rate per ad may vary based on demand and season.

**By purchasing, you’ll become a Manifold Ad Network member. You must become a member before you can schedule any advertisements . Advertisers will still need to select one of our ad packages after joining.