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Video Is The Most Impactful Marketing Instrument For Connecting With An Audience.

It’s absolutely exciting what you can do with videos. We’ve found that you can use video to impact your customer in a wide variety of ways. Check out these statistics according to,, and

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Video is King

To no surprise, video is the #1 form of media in content marketing (curated from But what’s most exciting is the things you can create using video to generate leads and convert sales: 

  1. Video infographics
  2. Product demos
  3. Still images with animated text/graphics
  4. Animated charts
  5. Testimonials
  6. Lifestyle videos
  7. Much more!
Use Youtube

Youtube is still a major source of both web traffic, and custom video content. Youtube gives you the ability to drive traffic to your website, demo your products and convert leads into sales. 

According to, 81% of 15-25 year olds use Youtube in the United States. This is a huge opportunity to capture the attention of young shoppers who are online a lot, and regularly on Youtube.

Want Video

According to Hubspot, 54% of consumers would like to see videos from brands they support. If you haven’t added video to your marketing efforts, there’s no better time to do so. We believe that videos serve as an sales automation tool because they cut down on the amount of questions the customers ask before making a buying decision. Video is a great way to address frequently asked questions!

Million Users

Instagram advertising can reach of over 849 million users (per Social Media Today), and over a billion active users every day. If we just look at Instagram Stories, 1/3 of popular stories are from businesses. Instagram can have a vast impact on brand awareness, and sales leads.

We create custom video stories for companies of all sizes

How We Make Videos

Your customer wants to be taken on a wonderful journey. When they come into your store, call you up, or visit your website, they’re asking you to give them a great experience. That’s where Stable Gray comes in. We create dual purpose videos that highlight the spirit of your brand while taking your customers on an inspiring journey. 

Every great video we create starts with a meaningful storyboard. During this process, we identify your story’s hero and map out scene’s that will help illuminate this character. The hero (protagonist) can be anything; a person, a feeling, or an obstacle. We bring our powerful storyboards to life using the following segments, plus much more:


…video intros are your viewers first impression of your message. According to, the ability to grab people’s attention in the first 20 seconds is critical. When we create intros, we combine a recap of the video message with bleeding edge animations, text, and graphics to grab the viewers attention. With many of our intros, we wait to create them until the rest of the video is finished. The power of a great intro is that it can be used over and over again in a video series.


…can show up anywhere in a video. Yes, you’ll see many of our animations were featured at the start of a video, but they can often serve as a transition to a new video content section, an outro, or oftentimes we use them as standalone content. Animations have many effective uses on their own, including social media posts. Similar to intros, the power of a great animation is that it can be used over and over again to create a brand series.


We design shot lists from scratch to map out the look and feel of each video we create. A shot list is especially critical when there’s narration. It makes up the foundation and scenery design of an interview, as well as what we should capture in the supporting clips (b-roll). Here are some interviews we created for our clients. We hope you enjoy the scenes, they each set the tone to the rest of the story being told. See if you can guess what each might be about:

F.A.A. Certified Professional Drone Services

The Federal Aviation Administration provides regulation and oversight for civil flight of aircraft across the USA. We took it upon ourselves to study and pass their stringent exam to ensure we are flying safely while filming for our clients. We’ve been licensed since 2017. With over 100 hours of flight time, we’re creating some video clips we really think are cool. The following is a reel of some of the amazing things we’ve been able to capture. What’s your favorite shot? See if you recognize any of the locations in the footage:

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