Gray Pay

From: $200.00 / month for 5 months and a $250.00 sign-up fee

GrayPay is our budget-friendly payment plan for select Stable Gray services! It’s a part of our ongoing efforts to make professional branding services attainable for businesses of all sizes. GrayPay does not include all of the services we offer. Please contact us if you do not see a package that suits your needs.

Below are the requirements for using GrayPay. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


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How To Qualify:

  1. Host With Stable Gray – GrayPay is for invoices that include a Stable Gray hosted website.
  2. Make The Deposit – Pay at least 15% of your invoice and we’ll get to work.
  3. Choose A Starting Point – If your invoice includes something other than a website, you can choose which item on the invoice we complete first.
  4. We require a monthly payment.
  5. We also require the full amount of the invoice be paid within 6 months of the deposit payment. Here’s the formula we use to compute your monthly payments: (invoice amount – deposit) ÷ (6 months – 1 month). Suppose your invoice came out to $1,500. The monthly payment formula would be:  (1500-225) /5, 0r $255 per month. You can always pay more than the minimum.
  6. Completion dates may vary. However, as soon as you complete the normal deposit amount (which is 50%), you earn a guaranteed completion date. If you fulfill the monthly payments, this usually occurs in the 3rd or 4th month. In other words, once you pay 50% of your invoice, you will receive a guaranteed delivery date. The delivery date will be agreed upon at that time.
  7. We will strive to complete your project ahead of schedule. If we complete the project ahead of schedule, your site will go live at that time, with no additional cost to you.
  8. We charge a small fee for this service. If for some reason you stop paying, your site would go off line until payments resume. Because of this risk, we charge a GrayPay fee, which is included in your invoice.

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