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Now you can look just as good as the brands on tv with Stable Gray's professional graphic design services. Fuel your business growth. Book an appointment to bring your idea to life.

Design Services
Logo-Design-Services-Example-By-Stable-Gray-For-Rexius-Nutritions-Private-Label-Workout-Popcorn-Called-Optimal Performance Popcorn
Logo-Design-Services-Example-By-Stable-Gray-For-Rexius-Nutritions-Private-Label-Workout-Popcorn-Called-Optimal Performance Popcorn

Stable Gray Professional Graphic Design Services

Enhance Your Brand with Professional Graphics!

We create custom graphics for:

Graphics for web come with some very specific considerations, because it’s not just the about the visuals. Designing for web requires meticulous care to SEO and user experience. In addition to visual elements, we design interfaces, user stories, user experiences, and brand voices for our clients.


We believe great digital graphic design occurs when it goes unnoticed. Many people see movies, advertisements and digital billboards but never realize there were graphics created to enhance the message. There are countless ways to use digital graphics to build your brand including:

  • Video animations
  • Video overlays
  • Displays (see Manifold)
  • Presentations
  • Podcasts
  • E-books


Effective signage will increase foot traffic, word of mouth, and boost public perception of your brand. To put it plainly, great company signage can help your company grow. Use signage as: 

  • Guides/Directories
  • Key Information Resources
  • Attention Grabbers
  • Product Promotions
  • Flash Sales/Calls To Action

Although signage and print go hand in hand, there are some design elements we create that are specifically made for print. Among them are 

  • Stationary/Letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Flyers & handouts
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures, magazines

We can help you develop the visuals for your sign, and work with the printing company of your choice to get it made. Contact us to find out what’s the right marketing tool for your business. And when you reach out, ask us how to receive a discount by using our preferred printing partner.

Graphics increase your brand credibility. 94% of consumers will leave a website due to poor graphic design.

We've Come To Expect Great Graphics From Brands We Trust

Because we’ve been so spoiled with great content online, the tolerance for a poorly branded company is next to none. We don’t need stats to tell us that, just look at the brands that succeed and the ones that don’t; it always comes down to a great story, powerful images, and clear messaging. This is exactly why we create graphics at Stable Gray.

Logo-Design-Services-Example-By-Stable-Gray-For-Rexius-Nutritions-Private-Label-Workout-Popcorn-Called-Optimal Performance Popcorn
Logo Design

Like our other services, our logo creation process starts by listening carefully to our clients. We bake the core vision of our clients business idea into every brand we create. Whether it’s a family heirloom or an event that inspired them to start their company, we seek to strike the perfect balance between their vision and the visual the customer needs to make an informed buying decision.

Product Labeling

…follows in the logo’s footsteps. With a solid logo in place, we move forward with package and labeling that’s both informative, and visually enticing. An approved logo gives us design cues as to where the labeling should be headed. The colors, the shapes, and even the font in the logo play a critical role in beautiful packaging. We can work with your preferred printing company or recommend one if you don’t have one yet.

Packaging, Layout, & Design

Sports Marketing

Recruiting tools for todays fast-paced environment.

Attracting new enrollee’s helps ensure universities and athletic programs have talent for years to come. It also helps athletes get noticed. Take a look at some of the design work we delivered to Wayne State College.


Athletic Brand Content

Sports marketing is a great tool for teams or individuals. 

For schools: when you look the part, you attract better talent. That’s why Wayne State College invested in professional marketing materials to promote their athletic programs. 

For athletes: the sense of pride athletes feel when they see themselves being promoted at a high level is motivating. It could also help land a scholarship or role on a team.

We use visual immersion to bring our sports marketing designs to life. This often means injecting photos, icons, or landmarks in the graphics we create. For the athletics program we edited professional photos from actual games and incorporated them into the deliverables:


Business Card Design

These little things are one of the easiest ways to make a lasting impression. A great business card can spark all kinds of conversations, even after you’ve left the room. If you’re considering new business cards, don’t hesitate. On average, sales increase by 2.5% for every 2000 business cards you hand out (Small Business Rainmaker) . Suppose your business is worth $100,000 annually, that’s a cool $2,500 increase to your bottom line. Well worth the investment.



We Offer A Wide Array Of Graphic Design Services

Contact us to start building the brand of your dreams today.