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We create web applications for our clients using:

We offer custom Javascript development in a couple of flavors, but we do most of our work in the ReactJS framework, and vanilla. React is really handy if you’re looking to pair your web application with a mobile app.


We’re familiar with Shopify. We’ve worked with Shopify plugins and built one-off solutions for some of our clients. Shopify is our go-to for clients who are purely looking for an e-commerce solution.


Initially, some people believe that WordPress is not good enough to build a great website for their company. You’d be surprised. We’ve watched clients double or triple their business using our custom WordPress builds. Our WordPress apps can deliver everything from brochure websites to custom social networks.


For custom solutions we also offer Ruby and Ruby on Rails web development. Ruby is an affordable way for you to build your application due to the expressive nature of 

…and much more! If you want to build a mobile app using iOS or Android, we’re your resource. We hope the following examples spark some ideas for you:

How We Build Websites

With any website build, we like to start with a review of your current site. Our design team will assess your existing site using our custom SEO scorecard. The SEO Scorecard measures how well your site is performing online, and demystifies the conversation about where your site can be improved so that it performs better in search. After that, we dive right in to the design process. We’ll create a website design tailored to your business needs. Once the design is approved, we’ll begin building. Our website creations include UX consulting and usually fall into one of two categories; websites or web applications.


…are essentially brochures. They’re websites that provide visitors with information about a company. Similar to a brochure catalog, the content is static, meaning it stays the same no matter how you interact with the page or how you got there. Brochure-style websites may have a contact form or a pop up, but other than that, there isn’t much interaction between the visitor and the web page. Although these types of websites are best suited for complex companies (such as attorneys, consultants, and counselors; because every client they serve requires a different solution), we still recommend they invest in a web application because there are parts of every business that can be automated to improve profit margins.

Web applications...

…on the other hand, are highly interactive. They include dynamic content that changes as you interact with the website. There may be static content, but depending on what you click or your membership level, you may be granted access additional content. Even the most basic web applications that we build are far more advanced than brochure sites because they add automation to a business, which helps them run more efficiently. By investing in a web application, you can really use your imagination. Things like site-to-store, memberships, e-learning, SMS text messaging, and product customizations become a reality for your most valued customers.

Can you tell the difference?

Here are a couple more examples of websites we’ve built. Take a look, and let us know which is which when you contact us. Guess correctly and receive 15% off your first order!

Soldier Sports

Stable Gray was hired by Soldier Sports to create a one-off product customizer for their website. The key feature of the customizer we built is the ability to preview the product prior to adding it to cart. If you’ve ever used a product customizer, they usually allow you to add a logo, graphic, or text to a solid surface (such as a t-shirt, hat or cup). With Soldier Sports lip protectors, there’s a cut out in the middle of the product, which means most customizers useless. The ability to visualize the product in real time is a critical step in customers making a buying decision.

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Courtyard Ink

This website began as a simple website refresh. When it was all said and done, we did not only a website refresh, but built in some features like a new blog, social media integration, and map api. Visit to view the live website.

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This website began as a simple website refresh. When it was all said and done, we did not only a website refresh, but built in some features like a new blog, social media integration, and map api. Visit to view the live website.

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