Is Marketing Evil

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Is Marketing Evil

Is Marketing Evil

Is marketing Evil?

Is marketing Evil? I first heard this question while listening to Seth Godin’s book: “This Is Marketing.” So it made me think is marketing evil? Marketing is a very powerful tool of persuasion. Marketing can influence ones decision by triggering emotions such as adventure, affection, belonging, creativity, control, wellbeing, power, intelligence, security and more. People buy products and services because of how it will make them feel. People buy feelings. So yes, marketing can be evil just like any other tool can be used for evil. For example social media can be a powerful tool to encourage and uplift people or can be used for evil to discourage and tear people down. Marketing can be used to manipulate or feed unhealthy habits. I believe marketers have a social responsibility to use marketing for good.

I have had a passion for marketing ever since I took a sports marketing class at Wayne State College years ago. I saw the power of marketing and the impact it could have in the world. Even bigger, I saw the impact it could have in my own community. I chose to go into marketing because I want to be a part of making change happen. What better way then by helping people spread their impactful ideas to their communities?

I’ve seen marketing help organizations raise awareness to mobilize people to serve and give back to their communities. I’ve seen marketing grow small businesses so they can create jobs and provide goods and service to their surrounding neighborhood. Marketing can help make things better.

Marketing is a responsibility.

It is our choice as marketers to use marketing to build up businesses and organizations that care about their communities and create a better world for everyone.

If you are a business that cares about the community of people you want to serve we would love to help you spread your message. 


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